We are proud to announce our partnership listing on BODA Token’s BODA Swap. Users can now purchase DiversiFi Blue (DVFB) with zero slippage, quickly and securely. BODA Swap also features a “Buy with Fiat” option via their partner RAMP. Ready to swap? Visit: https://bodatoken.app/bodaswap

About BodaSwap:

The First Decentralized Exchange to eliminate Slippage requirements when trading Binance Chain tokens. Unlike other DEX platforms which require a minimum slippage input to trade tokens, BodaSwap is free from slippage. Slippage is often used to create a buffer when swapping two tokens on a Decentralized Exchange, and while not always charged as a fee, sometimes the slippage can cost the user a small number of tokens in the trade. By eliminating the slippage requirement, tokens traded on the BodaSwap DEX give the user more value for their swap. A DeFi trader who utilized Pancakeswap and BodaSwap, where two identical trades were made, was able to demonstrate that the gas fee on Pancakeswap cost the user $2.28 and the gas fee on BodaSwap only cost $1.69. Saving the user 59 cents in gas fees by using BodaSwap.